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Voltage CV Output Range: 25mV~5V
Min Discharge Voltage: 1.5V
Current Output Range: 0.5mA-0.1A; 0.1A-3A; 3A-6A
Accuracy: ± 0.05% of FS
Current response: Max rising time is 1ms (10%FS~90%FS) 
Data Record Frequency: 10Hz
Channels Per Unit: 8
Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm): 1U(19″), 483*404*130

Product Description:

Neware CT-4008Tn-5V6A is the most popular battery tester ever, more than 50% customers would choose this model as their main products.

For customers who came across Neware the first time, 5V6A is also strongly suggested as their tryout demo machine. Neware CT-4008Tn-5V6A is powerful, reliable, it works on the very popular coin cell, cylindrical, prismatic, etc. It can be used for battery formation, aging and grading, cycle-life test, performance and so on.

From year 2020, triple range 5V6A was successfully replaced the dual range 5V6A model. Triple range makes Neware micro amps, 5V6A and 5V12A testers from good to great. Triple range helps Neware customers to save the cost and meanwhile get better performance products.

Neware CT-4008Tn-5V6A needs to be used with a middle-machine. It likes our brain and it has 700M+ storage capacity. Then it offers you the off-line operation mode. For instance: If you want to take away the computer for a while, you don’t need to pause the test. Then the data will be stored in the middle-machine temporarily. The data will be automatically uploaded to the computer after the computer is reconnected again.

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