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Voltage CV Output Range: 25mV~5V
Min Discharge Voltage: -5V
Current Output Range: 0.5μA-0.1mA; 0.1mA-1mA; 1mA-10mA; 10mA-100mA
Accuracy: ± 0.05% of FS
Current response: Max rising time is 1ms (10%FS~90%FS) 
Data Record Frequency: 10Hz
Channels Per Unit: 8
Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm): 1U(19″), 483*310*48

Product Description:

Neware CT-4008Q-5V100mA is the new-brand for coin cell test. It has 4 output ranges: Range1: 0.5μA-0.1mA; Range2: 0.1mA-1mA; Range3: 1mA-10mA; Range4: 10mA-100mA with accuracy 0.05%. The lower range is able to output current low as 0.5μA, which can tell the subtle difference of various materials such electrodes, electrolyte, sepatator, etc.

The newest CT-4008Q-5V100mA is much more accurate and stable. And needs to be used with a middle-machine. It likes our brain and it has 700M+ storage capacity. Then it offers you the off-line operation mode. For instance: If you want to take away the computer for a while, you don’t need to pause the test. Then the data will be stored in the middle-machine temporarily. The data will be automatically uploaded to the computer after the computer is reconnected again.

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