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Neware is one of the best battery test equipments supplier for the global customers. We have large and small 51,000+ global customers from university and R&D institutes to battery manufactures and automakers. And we offer more than 328,000 testers for them.

Neware was founded by Mr. Wei in 1998 in Shenzhen. At neware, we understand the significance of the new energy in our everyday and the future life. Therefore, we have devoted ourselves to offering the best testers for customers for the last 23 years. And Neware have been recognized by customers.

Neware has a group of high-quality professional and technical engineers. The account of them is more than 35.2 percent of the total staff. To be more and more innovative is one of keys which lead us to success. We invest 40% of our annual revenue into R&D to adapt to the changes of the market and the demands of our customers.

Neware obtained the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2004. And We have a lot of other patents that are utilized in our products. Most of our testers have a CE certificate. We also can customize the equipment to meet the UL specification.


Corporate Sustainable Responsibility

CATL-Neware, it is a major project which Neware have successfully done. It helps higher educational organizations to develop their Laboratories by donating 1000 battery testers for free. We believe the industry will growth rapidly only if the society pay attention to the new generation.

Moreover, Neware, as an energetic, creative and motivated enterprise, we are keeping our self on the way, which lead us to the future success. After 20 years experiences in this business, and partnerships with numerous multinational groups, we brought our experiences into lots of international conferences, in order to exchange with our colleagues and industry experts, so that we can take the social responsibility and help with the industry progresses.



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