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Voltage CV Output Range: 25mV~5V
Min Discharge Voltage: 2V
Current Output Range: 5mA-1A; 1A-6A; 6A-12A
Accuracy: ± 0.05% of FS
Current response: Max rising time is 1ms (10%FS~90%FS) 
Data Record Frequency: 10Hz
Channels Per Unit: 8
Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm): 1U(19″), 483*404*130

Product Description:

As time goes by, nowadays battery capacity density becomes higher and higher, that’s the trend of this whole energy indutry, people need smaller dimension battery to contain more energy.

New technology and upgraded producing process make this idea come into reality. Of course, high C-rate charge(Quick charge) is another reason for higher current testers become more popular than before.

For a 3000mAh cell battery, people want to charge it at 6000mA(2C) or even 9000mA(3C) current. And in somes labs, researchers are trying 10C or even higher C-rate charge or discharge.In this situation, 5V12A is the very rising star for both battery manufactures and researchers.

Neware CT-4008Tn-5V12A needs to be used with a middle-machine. It likes our brain and it has 700M+ storage capacity. Then it offers you the off-line operation mode. For instance: If you want to take away the computer for a while, you don’t need to pause the test. Then the data will be stored in the middle-machine temporarily. The data will be automatically uploaded to the computer after the computer is reconnected again.

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